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The perfect Companion for a maternity unit

We recently developed our bed range to include the very useful Companion Bed. Suitable for a variety of locations, we specifically thought it was worth mentioning its real value on maternity hospital floors, birth centres and in maternity homes.

As parents-to-be are often travelling considerable distances to give birth, and the maternity homes and wards wish to provide the best quality care, and this sometimes means the stay is far longer than just the labour and birthing process.

With that in mind, both parents may well be put up in a facility pre/post birth that allows the new parents to stay together and be a support for each other, pre-birth and then with the baby. This can have a really positive impact on the mental health of both parents-to-be.

CareMed Companion Bed
Our Companion Bed has been built with that in mind. With high/low features on the bed, a 300kg working load, the bed enables the backrests and footrests to be raised independently of each other. This could be especially useful when the baby is feeding at night, when the pregnancy has progressed to labour, but not enough to wake her partner (if she chooses to wake the partner that is her prerogative!), or the new parent needs examining. Added to that, towards the end of pregnancy, sleeping can be uncomfortable for the mother-to-be and she may find a more raised position suits her sleeping pattern – which will now have no impact on her sleeping partner.
The Companion is available in both Queen and Double sizes, the low position is 370mm and the high position is a maximum of 700mm.

Extra options
We also offer an upholstered surround, so it fits within the décor of the room it is in and an optional underbed light.
Another useful addition is the Protek2 fan – otherwise known as a fall-through block. The Protek is a fan that expands and contracts, depending on how high the headrest is on one side of the bed. In effect, the fan and stops a person, pet, stray arms and legs from rolling or moving under a headrest that is partially or completely up.
So the Companion bed can be used both before, during and after birth and permits the parents to stay together during this extremely exciting and nerve-wracking time!

Our promise to you:
The actuators are warrantied for five years and the steel bed frame is warrantied for ten years.
If you would like more information, please contact us here, or visit our contact page.