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Bariatric care; managing patients safely, and with care

We have seen an increase in interest in our bariatric care solutions.

Some of this can be attributed to the pandemic – increases in unemployment means people are having to eat more cheap, high calorie processed food. Add local and national lockdowns which have limited people’s exercise and comfort eating due to job/money/family worries and the impact is considerable. And this has a knock on effect on health services across the country.

Work Health and Safety guidelines, NSW
The Work Health and Safety government guidance for NSW states, “Patients with bariatric needs may delay presenting to hospitals until their medical condition is urgent. This may be due to perceived discrimination or resentment by hospital workers, or because of embarrassment about their size, impaired mobility and limited transportation options.”*
Our furniture caters for the OHS requirements for bariatric care, and we have made sure our furniture helps to maintain the patient’s dignity and safety.

2300 bariatric electric hi-lo Alrick bed
Our 2300 series electric hi-lo Alrick bed has a safe working load of 300kg. It offers features such as auto-regression backrest, backlit handset and underbed light. The back angles to 65° and the knee to 44°. The flexible height ranges from 270mm to 760mm. This bed comes with a range of extra accessories including a standezy, side protectors and IV pole. We offer this bed as a king single, double, queen, king double and extra wide, so please view our brochure here.
Our 2400 series electric hi-lo Alrick bed has a safe working load of 400kg, and has many of the features of the 2300 series.

Customising our popular EN7 bed
Remember, you can also create your own EN7 bed, and use the provision to upgrade to a 300kg safe working load. Our EN7 has a range of different headboards and footboards for you to choose from, and with the wooden headboards, you can select matching bedside lockers, tallboys, overbed tables and more. For more information on customising an EN7 Alrick bed, click here

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