Congratulations Charlie!!
We are so happy to announce Charlie and her family as the winner from our Sentida Bed Prize at the 2017 ATQ Conference!! We would like to thank everyone that attended the conference and entered in the competition! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more stories, updates and news.
Last opportunity to take advantage of our Quarterly Specials - ENDS 31/12
Last opportunity to take advantage of our Quarterly Specials - ENDS 31/12 Active Medicals hugely popular Quarterly Specials is coming to an end very shortly! If you wish to take advantage of the sale please download the Liftout below and contact our team!
Christmas and New Year break at Active Medical


After an amazing year, the team at Active Medical are taking a very short break to refresh and rejuvenate for 2018!

As a result, the offices and Showroom will be closed from 22nd December at 3pm and will open first thing on January 2nd at 8am! We appreciate your understanding. Please feel free to contact the team via (07) 3899 8887!

Thanks for seeing us at ATQ!
he ATQ event held at the Brisbane International Convention Centre was a great success and our team would like to thank everyone that attended and said "Hi!".
Kaloma Home for the Aged - why they chose the Sentida 7-i with integrated weighing
Aged Care Beds with integrated weighing in the Aged Care Market, are now becoming a key clinical tool of care. The Sentida 7-i is a world leader in innovation and is now being widely applied across Queensland and Australia.
The Importance of Slings in the Manual Handling and Accreditation Process
Resident and Carer safety is pivotal in the Aged Care environment. Although Slings are an optimal and necessary care tool to move and transfer your resident, the size of the sling is often miss-applied, therefore making the purpose completely redundant.
Non-slip socks have become a very commonly issued product to patients that are identified as a “falls risk patient.” These are a very useful tool for both assisting in falls prevention, as a patient reminder of their falls risk, and a very simple alert system for staff to be on the lookout “for the man in the red socks!”