CuroCell Zone AREA 1200 mattress


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The AREA Zone mattress replacement system is designed with special valve technology to provide an enhanced mattress surface for the prevention and management of skin breakdown. The AREA provides clinically proven non-powered pressure redistribution and therapeutic support through the use of interconnected pressure redistribution air sectors. The valve system allows for communication between the air chambers which in turn provides a unique, custom low pressure profile for any patient. Upon ingress, a natural chain of events begins in each of the connected air chambers. The slow release valves allow for pressure changes to take place very gently. The mattress top is a layer of visco type memory foam which further enhances the low pressure profile.
• Suitable for high risk patients, and also medium risk as a preventative measure
• Static air replacement mattress system ( not an overlay )
• Reinforced sides for improved lateral stability
• Unique integrated heal protection area
• Proven to be effective in the treatment up to and including sore degree 3
• User weight up to 230kg
• Anti-shear inner cover
• No pump or power cord for hassle free use

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