Relax GelCel Cushion 18 x 16 x 2


Relax Cushion – GelCell 18 x 16″ x 2″, incl cover and hand pump, 130kg SWL”

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A unique combination of AIR and GEL technology effectively provides pressure relief and comfort to the high risk user. The GelCell consists of 34 interconnected air-filled cells, each covered with a layer of pressure relieving silicone-based TruGel. The action of the air in the cushion enhances capillary function in the skin, maintaining blood flow and oxygen uptake. When pressure is applied, air circulates to each of the cells, distributing weight evenly, thus reducing high pressure concentrations around bony prominence’s. It ensures enhanced pressure re-distribution and also has a positive effect on skin temperature management whilst minimizing the effects of shear forces.
• 2 (50mm) thick
• Suitable for high risk clients
• Easy to wipe clean and is suitable for incontinent users
• Lightweight and easy to transport
• Easy to inflate and adjust
• Includes machine washable outer cover and pump
• 130kg SWL

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