Boasting some of the world’s leading experts in leadership and culture transformation, the #NextCare Health Conference will invigorate, inspire and motivate current and aspiring healthcare leaders.

The events engaging speakers will look at healthcare and leadership from a variety of angles, including leading for innovation, inspiring the next generation, journeys to leadership, and leadership at any level. #NextCare speakers include world-renowned futurist Phill Nosworthy, cultural change coach Amanda Gore, Chief Executive of Australia’s largest public health service Shaun Drummond, health digital transformation enthusiast Dr Clair Sullivan, and healthcare leadership expert Jan Phillips.

The Active Medical Acute Care team will BE in attendance and look forward to being involved with our trade display!


Our Acute Care Consultant Daniel Woodford, spoke about the excitement around the event.






“#NextCare is a great opportunity for local organisations to see some of the worlds leading experts in Healthcare Leadership. Our team is always looking to innovate and learn, so we are thrilled to be involved in the event.”

The two-day conference will be held in Brisbane on 30 and 31 May.

Registrations are open online via