The JUVO Shower Chair range can now be customised with coloured seats. We took the time to ask our Aged Care and Home Care Support Representative, Isabella West, some questions about the customisation and why our clients love the concept.

Are the coloured seats popular?
Yes, very popular! As Clients have the ability to customise it to their favourite colour, it brings a lot of energy and enjoyment to them.

Are there many colours are available?
Yes there are. Clients and Care staff generally just tell us what colour and we can usually meet their request. Popular colours include blue, green, red, orange, pink and yellow.

What about Aged Care Facilities and Hospitals?
Often Aged Care Facilities request specific colours to categorise the Shower Chair, whether it be by size or the ward it belongs to. For example, a hospital may wish to ensure shower chairs with Blue Seats are only used for a specific ward, so colour coding can support this. But more often then not, our customers just enjoy and appreciate the option. Take a look below as an example.

Is there colour seating available on larger/bariatric shower chairs?
There sure is – we do an array of larger and bariatric sizes and they all have this option.

Are the coloured seats different in terms of clinical application?
No – they still hold the same integrity and quality!

How do you order the colour seat?
Easy – just request what colour you want when you quote or order! We will do the rest!

For more information, please observe our range.