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Manual handling becomes Porto-able

We know manual handling is very important in a healthcare environment, both for the safety of the patient and the carer/manual handler. With that in mind we created the Porto range.
Did you know in 2020 there were 114, 235 serous injury claims in Australia*, with time off constituting as an average of 60 hours per serious claim?
Within the Porto range we have a number of items that offer solutions for moving beds and mattresses around as quickly, easily and safely as possible.

Porto bed transporting trolley.
We built a bed carrying trolley as one of the heaviest things to lift in a healthcare environment is a bed. Whilst beds are not required to be moved that often, when they are it is in everyone interest that they are moved safely, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
The Porto bed carrier trolley has a green powder coated frame, an optional winch, push handles and an adjustable stabilising bar. It has solid tyres with front swivel castors to make it easier to get around corners. We have created a demo video which you can watch here

Porto mattress carrier trolley
Mattresses always seem easy to carry, but they are often a fair bit heavier than you think and a really awkward shape! Our mattress trolley can carry up to 3 mattresses. Powder coated in green, 4 our trolley has 4x 125mm Braking Castors, and a flip up handle for ease of use. Click here for a quote.

A Porto-able solution with our wheel set
If storage space is at a premium or beds are moved highly infrequently, why not try out our wheel set? The BMR wheel sets are clamped to the side of the bed, the bed is then flipped onto the side and can be easily navigated through doorways. Sold as a pair, these come with x2 braking castors.

*Safe Work Australia report a serious claim as any claim that has a worker off work for more than one week.