Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The Bathing Cushion makes taking a bath easy as it gently lowers you into the bath and, later raises you with confidence up to the top of the bath so that you can simply step out. This new design offers increased stability and comfort and allows you to lie right down at the bottom of the bath. Its many features and benefits include.

• Requires no installation

• The option of leaving some air in the product whilst bathing to act as a cushion that moulds around you for additional comfort and support.

• Can be packed away into a small hold for ease of transportation or to store it away when not required, the perfect solution for people who love travelling, weighs only 2kg

• The lumber support enables you to choose whether to sit up or lie back

• Width 580mm

• Min Height 20mm

• Max Height 400mm

• Depth 440mm

• Back/Head Length 330mm

• Weigth 2kg

• SWL 150kg

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