Broda Midline Full Recliner 18in

The Broda Midline Full Recliner offers superior comfort and versatility, making it ideal for various settings. An excellent choice for a full positioning chair, it is a less expensive alternative to the Broda 785. It is ideal for long-term care facilities for medium to heavy levels of nursing care and general resident seating. With up to 38? of seat tilt and up to 90? of back recline, the Midline offers an infinite range of positioning options for resident comfort.

• Seat Depth 432mm

• Seat Height 432-558mm

• Backrest Height 521mm

• 159kg SWL Standard Options:

• 16-gauge tubular steel frame

• removable wings to provide upper body lateral support

• neckrest cushion

• shoulder bolsters

• upper and lower side pads

• calf and sole pads

• seat and back pad with removable terry cloth covers

• 3, 5? total-lock caster

• 1, 5? directional lock caster

• adjustable-length elevating legrest (elevates with recline and independent of recline)

• angle-adjustable, removable flip-down, single-plate footrest

• armrests with independent height adjustment within a range of approx. 5.5 inches (with push-pin height adjustment) Custom Dimensions:

• Seat Width: 16?, 22?, 24?, 26?, or 28?

• Seat Depth: 15.5?, 18.5?, or 20?

• Back Length: 33.5?, 35?, 36?, 38?, or 40?

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