Curera Seat Cushion 45x46cm

Curera Seat Cushion is a stable, easy and comfortable pad for wheel chairs, but can also be used on furniture. It has a cube design, and the many, small cubes are independently agile and conform to the shape of the body. The cubes provide support and equalize the high pressure over the entire sitting surface. Tenderness and pain is alleviated and pressure ulcers are prevented. The washable core is produced from foam with high flexibility and density, in order to make it stable and durable. The cushion has a welded, soft and flexible hygiene cover, which has a drip-shielded zip fastener on the rear side. The hygienic cover is detachable, liquid resistant, vapour permeable and breathes, which prolongs the lifespan of the cushion. The cover is easily wiped off or machine washed and it reduces the need for washing the cushion itself.

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