Curocell UNO Air Mattress 850

The CuroCell UNO? is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries up to and including category 4. It stands for innovation and modern design and together with quality engineering it lays the foundation for our new generation of fully automated premium mattress systems. It is equipped with a large touch screen panel with a user-friendly interface. The fully automated pump offers automatic adjustment, providing optimal pressure relief and comfort for each individual user while aiding simple use.

• Cell on Cell construction with safety mattress

• Heel Function

• Static head cells

• CPR-function for rapid deflation

• Smart cable management

• Chlorine resistant (10 %) multi stretch cover with welded seams

• Well protected zipper

• Care of Sweden?s mattresses are supplied with a four way stretch hygienic outer cover which conforms to relevant standards for hygiene, quality and safety.

• 250kg SWL

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