Eleganza 5 ICU BED

Eleganza 5 with integrated weighing system

Eleganza 5 with integrated weighing system


• X ray cassette holder

• 4 castors Tente Integral double, 1 antistatic, 150 mm + 5th power drive wheel

• Centrally operated castors + i-brake with 4 pedals – head sided operation

• Foot controls (height adjustment, examination position) + foot controls (lateral tilt adjustment, GO button)

• Additional adaptor for lifting pole location (1 pc at the head part of undercarriage)

• Control panel iBoard in head section

• Illuminated patient controls in middle siderails

• Get up handles: Mobi Lift? handles; 1 pair with bed height adjustment buttons

• Mattress platform covers: Removable plastic covers (RAL 9006), backrest with X ray adaptation

• Integrated bed extension

• Head and foot ends with safety locks

• Plastic removable bedends design E5

• Backup battery with status signalisation

• Nurse controls: I Board, additional supervisor panel

• Handset with LED flashlight and with illuminated keyboard + plug and play adapter

• BedMonitor: EMR ready design (bed is equipped with sensors of the safe bed conditions; bed is ready for the field retrofitting of integration module and i-Track)

• Night light

• Bed exit alarm

• USB charger on both bed sides

• “safe stop” – automatic stop of platform down movement if an object is detected

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