Invisa-Beam Bed Monitor mono connection

The Invisa-Beam bed monitor is a non-invasive and non-restrictive monitoring device, which monitors the side of the bed. It uses an invisible beam, that when broken, activates the existing nurse call system to alert carer of the movements of the patient. This results in reduced fall risks for the patient and peace of mind for staff.

• 1800mm beam with adjustable angle for accurate early detection of intent to exit the bed

• Supplied with cable to connect to nurse call system (monoplug)

• Clamps to the bed head – horizontal position

• Conforms to AS/NZS3200.1 and IEC 60601.1

• Easy and safe to use Please note that there is a model with a remote audible alarm and another with a pager unit, which are alternatives when a facility does not have a suitable nurse call system.

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