Latera Acute Hospital Bed

Positioning to prevent pressure-sores, making the bed, patient hygiene and skincare, change of incontinence pads, post-operative drains ? all these procedures require the patient to be placed in a lateral position. However turning a patient into a lateral position in the traditional way means applying considerable physical exertion associated with the risk of injury with possible permanent consequences. The Latera Acute electrically adjustable bed with a lateral tilt makes it possible to turn the patient with as little physical exertion as possible. The exertion required for turning the patient on the Latera Acute bed is 10 times lower in comparison with a standard bed.

• Single collapsible siderails

• 4 section mattress platform

• Extension and shortening of the bed

• Simple and reliable control

• Patient control panel

• Supervisor nurse?s control – 4 position memory

• Safety GO button

• Prevention of nosocomial infections

• Easy handling of the bed with central fifth castor

• External Dimensions 985 x 2190mm

• Bed Extension +100mm/-100mm

• Mattress Dimensions 860 x 2000mm

• Mattress Platform Height Adjustment 430-810mm

• Lateral Tilt 15?

• Backrest Tilt 0-70?

• Thighrest Tilt 0-45?

• TR/ATR +16?/-16?

• Clearance Height 150mm

• 200kg SWL

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