Linet Hospital Bed – Eleganza 2

The LINET Eleganza 2 pushes the boundaries of bed design in terms of safety, quality of workmanship and innovation. The LINET Eleganza 2 is the first bed of its kind so has set the standard by defining the genuinely modern bed system. Containing sophisticated functions, the ?smart? features of the LINET Eleganza 2 are now accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare environments. The combination of practicality and beauty make the LINET Eleganza 2 a bed which will meet the needs and expectations of each hospital ward. The LINET Eleganza 2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and thanks to its modern design, it shifts the perception of care provided to a far higher level.

• Integrated Mobilift innovation with support handles

• Highest possible level safety level to eliminate falls or injuries and to indicate safe bed positioning

• Attractive design with innovative column construction

• ?Smart? patient monitoring features: safety monitor, bed monitor and vital monitor

• Ease of transport with fifth castor

• Increased patient comfort and ease of cleaning

• Patient control of some functions

• Practical and ergonomic accessories available

• External Dimensions 995 x 2230mm

• Bed Extension 310mm

• Bed Height (Hi-Lo Adjustment) 395 – 775mm

• Internal Dimensions / (Compatible with Mattress Width)

• 2000 x 900mm / (900 and 860mm)

• Maximum Mattress Height 180mm

• Height of Split Plastic Side Rails 405mm

• Ergoframe 110mm

• Maximum Backrest Angle 70?

• Maximum Thigh Rest Angle 35?

• Cast Rest Angle 21?

• TR/RTR Angle 16?/16?

• Lifitng Pole Bearing Capacity 75kg

• Clearance of Undercarriage 150mm with 150mm tentre castors

• Weight of Bed 140kg

• Max. Patient Weight 185kg

• 250kg SWL The Eleganza 2 can be ordered with the Junior Rail Kit, making it the perfect bed for safety with both adult and paediatric patients. For more information, please call 1800 267 267.

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