Linet Hospital Bed – Eleganza 3XC

The design and function of the Eleganza 3XC bed is customised to meet the high demands of intensive care. This modern bed with a column construction offers an integrated programme which helps hospital staff save the lives of critically ill patients. Eleganza 3XC supports optimum lung ventilation and improves cardiac function when utilising the Cardiac Chair Position adjustment. Nosocomial pneumonia and atelectasis can be detected in time by the use of the sophisticated in-bed X – ray lung examination. C-arm compatibility allows the performance of many interventions directly on the bed. Sophisticated features are included such as the Eleganza Protector and bed exit alarm enhance falls prevention. The unique Ergoframe system reduces the pressure applied to the tissues in the pelvic area during positioning and minimises friction between the skin on the patient’s back and the mattress. The side rail construction (height) allows the application of most therapeutic mattresses. With the Eleganza 3XC, the negative consequences of immobility can be eliminated by active patient mobilisation using the mobilising aids. The patient can be mobilised to an adequate degree safely.

  • • Decontamination of the bed’s surface is very easy and comprehensive due to the column design, flat and joint-free construction.
  • • Numerous smart features ease the work of caregivers, technicians and other healthcare professionals. The 5th castor, i-Brake, in-bed scales, and others.
  • • External Dimensions 1045 x 2200mm
  • • Clearance Height 150mm
  • • Mattress Dimensions 2080 x 860 x 140mm
  • • Maximum Mattress Height 230mm
  • • Siderails in the Upper Position 2230 x 1025mm
  • • Siderails in the Lower Position 2230 x 1025mm
  • • Height Adjustment 410-790mm
  • • Two-Section Folding Side Rails Height Above Mattress Platform (Without Mattress) 450mm
  • • X-ray Cassette Holder for Cassette 350 x 430mm
  • • Bed Weight 138kg
  • • 250kg SWL

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