Linet Hospital Bed – Image 3

The Image 3 is an electrically adjustable bed that respects the growing demands of?both patient and nursing staff. Its attractive design will find universal use in a wide spectrum of hospital care.

•mage 3 deals with the patient?s safety and mobilisation in a unique way: combining the SafeFree? 4-part siderails and reduced low height. Image 3 was designed with focusing on 100% safe recovery of patient in the bed. Safety is the key characteristics of Image 3. Reduced height combined with telescopic SafeFree? siderails create absolutely safe environment for the patient, that can be adjusted according to their specific needs. Also included is a complex system of supportive automatic features called 3-STOP STRATEGY.

•t contains functions for safe sleeping, independent mobilisation for quicker recovery, convenient care and cleaning procedures for hospital staff. This bed contains extended features which help prevent Pressure Injuries in conjunction with your care plan and contribute to their easier treatment. Mattress platform profiling called Ergoframe? provides needed comfort for the patient. Furthermore, this bed is designed with emphasis to maximally ease everyday activities such as nursing procedures, transfers and other routine tasks. Ergonomics, intuitive controls, smooth manipulation with bed and easy cleaning bring relief to hospital staff.

•lease download the brochure on the left handside of this page, for a more extensive overview.

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