Linet Hospital Bed – Multicare LE

The Multicare LE healthcare bed provides an ideal solution for problems that occur in critical and intensive care units. Multicare LE helps to maintain vital signs of the patient and prevent pressure ulcers and lung complications. The progressive features of the bed ensure safety of the patient and safer working conditions for the staff.

  • Stand-out features of the Multicare LE include:
  • Lateral tilting (both sides to 30 degrees)
  • Multi Protect 4-part siderails
  • Multiboard features an LCD touchscreen (in both siderails)
  • Mattress platform tilt and extension adjustment
  • Tilt indicators (backrest, lateral tilt,TR/ATR tilt)
  • Programmed positions: CPR, orthopaedic chair, 30?HOB, mobilisation, Trendelenburg
  • Activation GO button, safety STOP button
  • Service data interface, user communication setup, quick reference guide on LCD touchscreen
  • Battery back-up indicator (2 batteries)
  • The Multicare also includes patient control panel in the side guards
  • The Multicare can be customised to suit your specific needs: there are four different kits
  • Mobi Lift handles
    • Assists the patient to exit the bed safely.
  • I-brake ? an automatic brake that is activated after 10 seconds if the bed remains unbraked and is plugged in. It protects against uncontrolled movement, impacts and falls caused by leaning on an unbraked bed.
  • I-Drive ? fifth castor for safe transporting and manoeuvring of the bed, with automatic retraction of the castor to the chassis. If the bed is plugged in, it is automatically retracted. The fifth castor runs from it?s own battery.
  • SWL 250kg

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