Pharmi Sharpsbin 5L, Solid Dose Medi Waste


Designed for the safe collection, transportation and disposal of solid dose medicines, the WasteGuard? Pharmi has an aperture in the lid which can be closed temporarily to prevent accidental spillage. The container is colour coded with a blue lid, handle and label. Manufactured to AS4031-1992.
• 5L
• Height 285mm
• Diameter Max Width 176mm
• Carton Qty 46
• 11.5L
• Height 250mm
• Diameter Max Width 280mm
• Carton Qty 20
• 22L
• Height 345mm
• Diameter Max. Width 330mm
• Carton Qty 10
• increased anti-tamper system. Part of a Colour ID Segregated Safety System. Increased usable volume benefit with each bin. Significant volumetric per issue space saving. Stack able once filled.


5L, 11.5L, 22L

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