Purple Community Plus Cyto 1L, cytotoxic/cytostatic waste

Ideal for cytotoxic and cytostatic waste which, to meet regulations, should be disposed of separately from other healthcare waste. It has a sliding door and an aperture which will take a 20ml syringe. Manufactured to AS4031-1992. A worktop stand is available. WasteGuard? cyto with its new distinctive purple coloured lids is a comprehensive range of containers for the disposals of sharps including those contaminated with cytotoxic and/or cytostatic medicinal products and their residues. These containers are designed to be used throughout the hospital, in all wards and departments, as well as the community setting. The WasteGuard? cyto range is manufactured to the most stringent quality and safety standards; conforms to AS4031-1992, BN7320:1990, UN3291, AFNOR NFX 30-500 and ISO 9002. Increased anti-tamper system. Part of a Colour ID Segregated Safety System. Increased usable volume benefit with each bin. Significant volumetric pre issue space saving. Stackable once filled.

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