Relax Easy High Profile Cushion 16×16

As the name suggests, this cushion from the Relax range is easy to use and is an ideal pressure relieving cushion for use who are over 100kgs and are in a long term care environment. It has no designated up or down, or front or back, so can be simply placed into position. It features a layer of FloGel sandwiched between an upper and lower layer of viscoelastic foam. This combination of pressure relieving FloGel and viscoelastic foam facilitates effective pressure re-distribution while allowing the patient to immerse themselves comfortably into the cushion. It conforms to the shape of the user, increasing surface area and relieving pressure.

• 85mm high and suited for those up to 190kgs
• Composition reduces the likelihood of hammock effect
• Suitable for medium – high risk clients
• Clear protective PU film coating is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for incontinent users
• Lightweight and easy to transport
• Includes waterproof wipe down outer cover
• Outer cover can be machine washed (60C)

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