Return transfer platform, with opening

The ReTurn 7500i, an assistance device for transferring clients, is specially designed to make different sit-to-stand and transfer situations easier for both clients and care givers. It is very easy to manoeuvre. It has been developed to facilitate work in confined spaces and it requires less effort than conventional lifting. In addition, instead of remaining passive, the patient is activated, which is a great advantage in comparison with lifting. Since the patient?s own capacity is utilised and the device is easy to manoeuvre, the ReTurn 7500i is ideal for both home care and institutional settings. The design of the ReTurn 7500i allows the client to get close to and to rise to standing position using natural movements. All of this adds up to a high degree of utilization . It is specially designed for short transfers in confined spaces. The knee supports are height adjustable which makes it easy to adapt the device for any patient. Many patients can use the Return 7500i from the same seat height. The ReTurn?s base plate is low and stable. With a increase in height of only 4 cm, the patient does not need to lift his or her feet very high. Foot markers on the base plate simplify and ensure safe placement. ReTurn 7500i has two sections. This, together with its low weight, makes it ideal in a transport situation and the ReTurn 7500 is easy to keep clean and to store.

• Base Length 685mm

• Base Width 570mm

• Overall Height 1150mm

• Base Plate Height 40mm

• Total Weight 16.5kg

• 150kg SWL

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