Staebel Anti Sheer Mattress Cover

A simple answer to the problem of constantly putting slide sheets in and out ? lightweight and easy to use. You will love the Anti Shear Mattress Cover?s simplicity as it makes it so much easier to adjust someone?s position without disturbing them and really reduces the risk of injury for staff.
Thinner than a bed sheet, this product fits over the mattress and does not impinge on any pressure reducing qualities the mattress may have. You can sit the client/patient up in bed without the risk of them slipping down, and it only becomes fully slippy when you introduce a flat slide sheet on top to perform the manoeuvre that needs to be performed.
Just place the Anti Shear Mattress Cover over the bed mattress and, if you want to, put the normal bed sheet on top, tucking it in. When you need to reposition someone, untuck the bed sheet and unroll a flat slide sheet in between the Anti Shear Mattress Cover and bed sheet (without disturbing the patient) and use this to achieve a new position. Then slip out the slide sheet easily, retuck the bed sheet and your patient will be comfortable.

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