Staebel Bedside Commode 550mm, 175kg

This bedside commode offers a full range of features including a slide back seat with durable toilet seat and pan rack. This comes standard with bowl and removable lid. A skirt that surrounds the seat conceals the bowl etc. so the chair can be likened to a regular bedroom sitting chair.
• Adjustable seat height
• Comfortable upholstered slide back seat
• Comfortable upholstered shallow curve backrest
• Plastic toilet seat, bowl and lid
• Wide Padded armrests
• Powdercoated steel frame
• Vinyl upholstery in Champagne colour
• Overall Width 690mm
• Overall Height 870-1020mm
• Overall Depth 510mm
• Seat Width 550mm
• Seat Height 420-570mm
• Seat Depth 440mm
• Back Height 470mm
• 175kg Safe Weight Limit

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