Staebel Disposable Rolling Slide

The Disposable Procedure Slide is a simple slide sheet that allows health professionals to easily move patients into the lithotomy position, ready for surgery. It is ideal for head-down procedures where the patient is positioned at an incline of up to 25 degrees. Those who work in Gynaecology will find the Disposable Procedure Slide hugely beneficial as it allows medical practitioners to:
– Slide a patient into a precise position (fine adjustments achievable), usually the Trendelenburg position
– Lock patient position with the sheet?s unique and integral locking panels
– Position patients at inclines up to 25 degrees, facing head-down
– Adjust patient position mid-surgery
– Slide patients back up the operating table post-surgery
– Disposable slides help teams uphold excellent infection control
– Slippery material enables easy patient repositioning
– Integral locking pads ensure absolute safety and security
– Can remain under the patient

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