Staebel Lifting Sheet

The Lifting Sheet offers the ultimate falls management solution for transporting an injured person from the site of a car accident or other emergency.
No stretcher hoist? No way to lift a person safely? Look after your staff and patients by providing them with this inexpensive lifting sheet, designed to protect both patients and health professionals during lifting procedures.
The Lifting Sheet is a lightweight falls management solution, ideal for use when health professionals need to raise someone from the floor in a horizontal position. Designed in conjunction with the Guidelines for Safer Handling during Resuscitation in Healthcare Settings, the lifting sheet is perfect for post-resuscitation transfers where a stretcher hoist is not available to move the patient from the floor onto a bed or trolley.
– Lightweight solution when no stretcher hoist is available
– Robust design supports patients weighing up to 150kg
– Washable at 74?C
– Waterproof
– Fire-retardent
– Can remain under patient

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