Staebel Slideezi with Handles

The Slideezi with Handles are manufactured using an ultra-slippery material developed by pioneering fabric specialists Slideezi. While one side of the slide sheet is luxuriously soft to offer maximum comfort and quietness, technically advanced fibres give the other side a slippery finish, ideal for repositioning a patient in a bed or trolley.

The Slideezi with Handles allow health professionals to effortlessly manoeuvre patients/clients into a virtually endless list of positions so that they can remain comfortable at all times. Whether patients are using a bed or a trolley, health professionals can use the slide sheets to turn patients into comfortable positions and also transfer them from one surface to another.

  • • Superb slideability on both sides for ease of use
  • • Easy to insert and remove
  • • Superb comfort for patient during repositioning
  • • Quiet and soft for improved patient experience
  • • Fabric is manufactured using advanced technical fibres
  • • Effortless and easy repositioning
  • • Used in pairs for best performance
  • • SWL 300kg

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