Staebel Sure Foot Pad

The Sure Foot Pad is a really helpful, inexpensive answer to the problem of feet slipping, on the floor or in bed.

Suitable for use on the floor or in bed, this Sure Foot Pad is designed as a safety aid that helps to prevent feet slipping. It can be used to stand on when sitting or rising from a chair, or it can be used with a slide sheet to aid movement in bed or with a Slide & Lock to aid movement in a chair. A helpful aid for more independent living, it is hard wearing and easy to clean.
Simply place the foot pad on the surface you need to gain more grip on and your feet won’t slip. You will love its simplicity because it gives you so much independence and is also a really useful aid for rehabilitation.

Ideal for use with small slide sheets to slide further up the bed or on the floor, on its own or with products such as Slide & Locks. In fact there are so many places that you can use this product, some people even have two; those for the floor and those for use in bed!

  • • Gaining more floor grip with your feet
  • • Helping people be more independent
  • • A rehabilitation aid
  • • Non-slip surface on both sides
  • • Washable
  • • Lightweight

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