SugarGlider Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist

The Nomad is a flexible and user friendly ceiling hoist. It is intuitive and easy to operate. The integrated handles make it truly portable. The curved shape is designed to afford user’s head ample space while the integrated 4-point yoke gives ultimate safety, comfort and dignity during the lift and transfer. The user will feel safe and stable without being squeezed. The combination with a compatible sling ensures that the user will achieve a correct and comfortable sitting position. If rail installations through door openings are not possible, the Nomad can climb from room to room, i.e. from one rail system to another. The Nomad has an emergency lowering and an emergency stop, as well as a soft stop-start function to prevent abrupt movements. Features include:

  • • Lift speed 35 mm/s with soft start/stop function
  • • High battery performance (70+ lifts per charge)
  • • Easy overnight charge system
  • • Built in electronic lift counter
  • • Splash proof casing
  • • Lifting Height 2m
  • • Dimensions: 520mm L x 198mm W x 330mm H
  • • Lift Range (Length of Lift Strap) 1980mm
  • • Lifter Weight 6.8kg
  • • 230kg SWL

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