Trust Care Indoor Walker Beech/Silver

It is small and easy to use in narrow spaces, turns easily and gives support and safety in all situations. Width only 54cms and weighs only 6.5kgs. The handle is adjustable from 79 to 90 cms to suit different heights. Easy to manage brakes that may be operated with one hand only and the one brake operates both wheels. And of course a parking brake. With a removable plastic tray, use it as a help in the kitchen as well as for transporting food & drinks or as a small table to eat meals from. Use it as a support if you need to get up from bed in the middle of the night. Take it to the bathroom & toilet for added safety. It is beautiful and elegant in all detail, but the most important thing is that it helps many to a new and more comfortable life. Available in Wood/Beech (60020) or Red/Black (60030)

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