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Service & Support

Home Based Care

Home-based care necessitates access to a comprehensive range of equipment. We strive to provide carers with the highest standard of products and accessories to ensure they give the best support to patients within house settings. Our extensive home-based care range encompasses an excellent solution to each home care need.

We provide online or in-person consultations and demonstrations which ensure the appropriate fit to meet your needs. Our commitment to supporting the healthcare industry always considers patients and carers.


Active Medical Supplies understand the importance of maintaining the independence within the comfort of your own home. We are dedicated to supporting healthcare workers who provide care for seniors and patients with disabilities. Our medical solutions range extends to products and accessories suitable for any facility. We ensure that we provide carers with assistive products to improve mobility, overall well-being of the patients and eliminate risk of injuries.

We also provide online or in-person consultation and demonstrations to ensure products can accommodate for your patient needs and in the home environment. Our experienced staff will provide you with essential information and assistance you need.

Bariatric Services

High level of care and compassion is essential when caring for bariatric patients. We are dedicated to supply healthcare providers with products that minimise injury and aid with the patient’s recovery process. Our extensive range comprises of bariatric products that are equipped for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

We ensure that our service and support align with healthcare professionals and products to assist with exercise, pharmacotherapy and surgery, while respecting the dignity of the patient.


The debilitating causes of dementia result in patients needing full time assistance. We provide solutions for all sectors, with a strong focus on aged care and delivering products that will improve the quality of life of patients. Our commitment to providing assistive and mobilising medical products is extensive, ensuring patients are experiencing comfort and each product meets the unique needs of both the patient and carer.

At Active Medical Supplies, we work hard to source the very best aged care and hospital equipment to provide dementia solutions for those in need. All of our products are quality tested and are ideal for creating a space that is both relaxing and efficient, keeping the patient comfortable and giving the carer or staff member space to carry out their job efficiently.

Pressure Care

Pressure relieving and pressure distribution devices are high-accepted solutions for patients who experience a great deal of pain and discomfort. Our array of products focus on pressure injury prevention and treatments and our pressure care products are clinically proven to prevent pressure sores and ease pain.

Active Medical is dedicated to supporting the healthcare industry and is motivated by the desire to work for our community and increase the quality of life. Our service and support provide hospitals, aged care and home care facilities products to safeguard patients from pressure injuries.

Manual Handling

As part of our commitment to patient care and safety, we provide manual handling solutions to improve mobility for patients and carers alike. Our array of product encompasses solutions that will aid in movement, transferring and repositioning patients while minimising injuries. Solutions comprise innovative and user-friendly based products for hospitals, aged care and other medical facilities.