Active Medical Shower Trolleys are designed to support the rigorous use for all Healthcare Settings. Ensuring our Shower Trolleys meet the standards of Aged Care, Hospitals and Community Health, is important to Active Medical. Constructed to ensure safety to both user and patient, is where Active Medicals range of Shower Trolleys can be trusted and applied for your needs.

Shower trolleys can be applied for Residents, Patients and Clients who are confined to a bed and have the assistance of a carer or staff member to shower. Active Medical Shower Trolleys are designed with a range of recline functions and regardless of size, they can be moved easily in most settings. Shower Trolleys should also be designed in consideration of Floor Hoists, so the carer can easily move a patient without restriction.    

Choose Active Medical for your Shower Trolleys. Our extensive range is seen below. If you have questions or require a trial, please contact us on 1800 267 267.