The Active Medical Pressure Care Cushion Portfolio is now available!

With Pressure Mapping, SWL’s, sizing charts and extensive information on each Cushion, the portfolio is available in Hard Copy or Digital format.

With the introduction of NDIS, there has been increased demand for not only Pressure Care equipment, but a greater understanding from the for users. The portfolio aims to elaborate on pressure care mapping, sizing and additional features to ensure both Staff and Client are confident in what they are getting. Additionally, a new addition to the Cushion family has been added. The StarLock allows the user to stop the flow of air between each cell in the cushion. This means that instead of just regulating the amount of air in a dual or quad zone cushion, or moving air from one side to the other or front to back to gain some positioning and/or stability, the StarLock can be custom fit to the user’s unique shape by locking the transfer of air between each cell in the cushion.


Please contact our team member Izzy for a Hard Copy or Digital Copy via