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Mitigating Back Injuries in Patient Care with the E5

The strain required by nurses when it comes to reaching over, enhances the risk of injury. With this in mind, Linet have designed a lateral tilting bed that safely tilts the bed toward or away from the nurse to ensure better and more efficient care
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Join Active Medical at #NextCare 2019

Boasting some of the world’s leading experts in leadership and culture transformation, the #NextCare Health Conference will invigorate, inspire and motivate current and aspiring healthcare leaders. The Active Medical Acute Care team will BE in attendance and look forward to being involved with our trade display!
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Accessible adult change facilities: New amendments to NCC

In November, the ABCB agreed to amend the NCC to require the construction of separate accessible adult change facilities (AACF) in public buildings including shopping centres and other public assembly buildings. Amendments to the NCC will be available to preview from February 2019 and will come into effect from 1 May 2019.


Our Community team work hard to meet the needs of not only the patients who require assistive products, but also the carers who support them. We aim to provide our community with the best equipment to make life easier.

Active Medical’s products strategy for Aged Care Facilities, encompasses everything from mobility equipment and bathroom equipment to award-winning bedroom solutions. We ensure that we can meet your needs from low-care, all the way through to high-care and dementia support.

Active Medical covers all aspects of hospital solutions for medical facilities. From sophisticated intensive care beds to alternating therapy systems, including various other types of hospital equipment such as hospital chairs and manual handling equipment.

"We partner with Healthcare Providers to provide better patient outcomes"