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We believe in applying an innovative and efficient means to enhancing the situation at hand.

Active Medical Supplies are a pioneer in medical device and equipment manufacturing. We are a Queensland based company with over 30 years’ of experience in the healthcare sector. We provide innovative solutions and the highest quality of products nationwide to hospitals, aged care and home care communities.

Our product range encompasses everything required in today’s healthcare climate. We culminate high standards in care, comfort for the patient and project cost efficiency. We source our products from all around the world, with the buying power to ensure that facilities have the greatest and latest solution at the best value.

Our vision is to supply and service healthcare facilities with world-class solutions. Active Medical is defined by the quality of our products, the depth of our knowledge, the sincerity of our service, our social responsibility and respect for our patients, customers and suppliers.

We are constantly making connections across technology and medical disciplines to combine our own expertise in medical product and patient care for the confidence in supplying hospitals, aged and home care products and solutions.

Product Services

Research & Development

Our purpose is to transform the heath care sector to deliver the highest standard of care and improve the lives of patients. We invest in technical and medical excellence to supply a pipeline of new products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. We are committed to delivering long-term solutions through our stakeholders which support Active Medical with discovery and supply of innovative medical products. Working with leading international suppliers allows Active Medical a consistent and close insight into the latest trends and innovations moving through the sector and ensures we are the first to market with new product, new knowledge and new ways to care.

Professional Expertise

At Active Medical, we recognise that our people are paramount to delivering on our mission, vision, values and of course our capabilities. Our aim has always been to have a knowledgeable, efficient and pro-active team that can provide the service and solutions you need, when you need them.

Combined, our hospital, aged care and home care teams have been at Active Medical for over 30 years, a continuity that not only underlines their dedication to Active Medical’s service principles, but also kept them on the front line of change and innovation in our industry.

Active Medical ensures our team maintains a competitive edge through continued personal professional development, product training and exposure to the latest innovations and research in the sector.