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Sentida SC Aged Care Bed, Low Height, King Single

SKU: 78252C

New concepts for living in old age are in demand. These include the desire to be provided with more homeliness, individuality, safety, comfort and flexibility in the equipment of corresponding living arrangements.

Wibo is aware of these demands and changes and has adapted to them and set the goal of supporting nursing professionals as well as health care facilities. With the new nursing bed platform Sentida SC and customized concepts, this bed can respond to the different requirements even more flexibly, efficiently and demand-oriented.

We want to support the maintenance and promotion of individual mobility as an overarching and essential goal in care in a solution-oriented manner.

Functional. Intelligent. Dignified.

*Please note headboards & footboards are subject to stock availability.


SafeFree® side rails – safe mobilization regardless of body size. It offers:

  • Optimal for getting out of bed due to its division
  • Individually positionable
  • Easy to grasp and embrace
  • A mobilization aid for getting up – alone or with support

MobiStick 2 – manual mobilization assistant:

  • Clever, quick and easy to use
  • A support when sitting upright on the edge of the bed
  • Ergonomic and provides additional support when standing up

SafeControl® handset – clear, ergonomic and intuitive:

  • Intuitive in operation and first-time error-proof due to preselection
  • Easy to read even in the dark thanks to the motion sensor system with backlighting
  • Can be placed flexibly and safely on the SafeFree® siderail element
  • Equipped with special care functions
  • Secured against incorrect handling by an integrated locking function

Double retraction of the lying surface – safe and comfortable mobilization in bed

  • Optimizes the support surface in the sitting area by increasing the surface area of the backrest and thigh support
  • Reduces pressure on sensitive areas of the body such as the buttocks and coccyx
  • Facilitates breathing, as more space is created by a relaxed sitting position in the chest and abdominal area
  • In combination with the long backrest of almost 90 cm, provides preventive and comfortable positioning for immobile residents

Low position 23 cm – safe sleeping without limiting personal needs. The low position with 23 cm offers:

  • Homelike appearance without disturbing components
  • A sensible solution without making the resident feel restricted
  • The possibility for the resident to still stand up safely with his or her own strength

SafeFree® in orientation position – fear reduction without unnecessary barriers. The head-side orientation position of the side rail can

  • Additionally support safety in combination with the low position of 23 cm
  • Avoid unnecessary barriers and reduce the risk of falls

SafeSense® – autonomous, safe bed exit with individual call notification. The Bed Exit Assistance System:

  • Signals to nursing staff that the resident is about to leave the bed
  • Works with an adjustable timer function (0 – 30 min) according to the traffic light principle
  • Can be optionally connected to an automatic night light that is activated when the resident gets out of bed
  • Can be connected to the nurse call system
  • Is available as a radio and cable solution
  • Can be retrofitted

Digitizing professionally

Innovative, digital solutions to support individual care activities and complex care processes. wissner-bosserhoff is currently focusing on three topics and the associated risks for residents: Falls, pressure sores and incontinence.

The digital care assistant SafeSense® 3 can help analyze the data and take preventive action if necessary. Care needs digitization – functional, intelligent and dignified.

3-stop strategy – situation- and need-based care, provision and support. The comfortable adjustment range from 23 to 80 cm enables:

  • An ergonomic and back-friendly working/care position at 80 cm
  • In combination with the separately adjustable upper and lower leg rests, additional freedom of movement, e.g., for basic care or wound care
  • An effort-saving “bed/chair” transfer and vice versa with the mobilization height at chair height of 41 cm
  • With a safe sleeping position of 23 cm

Accessibility of 15 cm – targeted use of care aids:

For positioning out of bed or in bed with maximum comfort, more freedom of action and a high degree of ergonomics for the caregiver, various lifting and transfer systems are available to provide support. The nursing bed should be optimally coordinated with the transfer solution.